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Our 3 Golden Rules


Do NOT let them in

You are not obliged to let anyone in to your home, so don't.


Do NOT be intimidated

You don't have to speak to bailiffs and do not respond to intimidation.


Do NOT sign anything

You simply should not sign anything a bailiff or bailiff company puts in front of you.

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Body-Worn Cameras To Be Compulsory For Bailiffs

15th November 2019

Body-worn cameras are to be compulsory for bailiffs under government plans to improve the treatment of people in debt. The Ministry of Justice…

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Bailiffs are being used more to chase unpaid parking fines

30th October 2019

The use of bailiffs pursuing drivers for parking fines which go unpaid, has risen by 21% in 24 months in England & Wales,…

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21st May 2019

After a client was unlawfully bullied by a bailiff/enforcement agent GBA & ICF Solutions got involved and the clients local MP wrote the…

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Our Clients Say

“I would like to thank you and Darren for assisting me with the matter regarding Bristow and Sutor. It proved to be valuable advice. After a visit to the council office on Friday the enforcement agent was called off and the case has been referred back to the council. Thanks again. It was much appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone who needs assistance.”

Kerry, October 2018

"I wanted to get out of debt and finally no longer be stressed about it all the time. In just a few weeks, I no longer got those dreaded letters through my door."

John, May 2018