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    During these unprecedented times, Get Bailiff Advice will continue to operate to the best of our ability whilst ensuring that both our customers and employees remain as safe as possible.

    We will, like many other companies follow the government guidelines in relation to COVID19 and will remain open and operational for the time being.

    We understand that financially the general public is concerned and as always we strive to offer free independent advice to the best of our ability.

    We hope that all of you and your loved ones remain as safe as possible and we look forward to returning to normality in the not too distant future.

    Kind regards GBA

    Why Choose Get Bailiff Advice?

    People Now Debt Free
    Years Experience
    Agents at Your Service

    We are now in a unique position that we have an ex-High Court Enforcement Agent working for us. He has over 25 years’ experience of collecting a multitude of various debts from different government agencies and local authorities. We can accurately advise the public how to deal with all types of enforcement at whatever stage. We can expose all tricks and non-regulatory procedures that bailiffs will commit due to the vast knowledge this person has gained whilst working in the Enforcement environment.

    Our 3 Golden Rules


    Do NOT let them in

    You are not obliged to let anyone in to your home, so don't.


    Do NOT be intimidated

    You don't have to speak to bailiffs and do not respond to intimidation.


    Do NOT sign anything

    You simply should not sign anything a bailiff or bailiff company puts in front of you.

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    Our Clients Say

    “I would like to thank you and Darren for assisting me with the matter regarding Bristow and Sutor. It proved to be valuable advice. After a visit to the council office on Friday the enforcement agent was called off and the case has been referred back to the council. Thanks again. It was much appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone who needs assistance.”

    Kerry, October 2018

    "I wanted to get out of debt and finally no longer be stressed about it all the time. In just a few weeks, I no longer got those dreaded letters through my door."

    John, May 2018

    "I approached Get Bailiff Advice after being harassed by a local enforcement agent for Council Tax arrears. From the minute they picked up the phone I felt reassured that they would be able to help and my nerves calmed immediately. Get Bailiff Advice advised that I re-approach the Council to set up a payment plan & even transferred me over to them to discuss in more detail, the Council agreed to instruct the enforcement agents to end the harassment and return the debt/liability back to the them.

    Without contacting Get Bailiff Advice I wouldn’t have known what to do and I’m very grateful for the assistance.

    I would recommend Get Bailiff Advice to anyone struggling with Enforcement Agents/Bailiffs and have already pointed a few of my friends in this direction due to similar situations."

    Pippa, Feb 2020