Can a bailiff force you to install a smart meter?

You may have seen an increase in the number of advertisements on the TV, radio and online encouraging you to get a smart meter for your home in a ‘crusade to get more accurate bills’.

This hits quite close to home for us, as one of our team members is constantly being emailed and sent text messages encouraging him to contact his energy provider to get fitted with a smart meter as soon as he possibly can.

He isn’t interested though. He currently rents and is planning on moving elsewhere by the second quarter of 2019. It’s not his decision to request the installation of a smart meter, and is fully that of his landlord.

He had to double-check though, such is the persistence of the communications he’s getting and what he’s seeing in the media.

He’s not alone by any stretch of the imagination either; people across the country appear to be in the same boat according to the award-winning This is Money website, which has even gone as far as launching its own ‘Stop The Smart Meter Bullying’ campaign.

Why are we bringing this up? Because as the website also points out, they have recently been contacted by an SSE customer who was contacted by and threatened by a bailiff.
The bailiff in question is said to have been threatening and told the customers that having smart meters installed was a ‘legal requirement’; something that is entirely untrue and totally optional for property owners.

What is legal is that suppliers have been ordered by the government to offer all households and small business owners smart meters by 2020. Some are taking up the offer and some are refusing.

That energy companies appear to be leaning on bailiffs in an attempt to strong-arm their customers into having a smart meter installed is concerning in the extreme. As This is Money and our colleague highlight, the amount of messages they are seeing and are receiving makes installation seem almost mandatory when it isn’t at all.

Indeed, some worry about having their data accessed by companies through smart meters which is something they disagree with. So, can a bailiff turn up or contact you and demand that you have a smart meter installed ‘or else’?

Certainly not; bailiffs have to work to strict guidelines, and it pays to know what they are, especially if you are currently in debt and would like to ease the burden. Contact the Get Bailiff Advice team today to find out more.

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