Jacobs Bailiffs

The trouble with Jacobs bailiffs? Know your rights

Jacobs bailiffs are an enforcement firm that has close to 60 years’ experience. The company’s website claims that they work with 165 local authorities throughout England and Wales (as of Sept. 2018), and also partner with commercial clients to help with issues surrounding debt recovery.

For many who are in debt, though, whether a bailiff knocking at their door is from Jacobs or another enforcement firm can be of little consequence. It’s still an extremely frightening and stressful situation when the bailiffs are looking to collect; it’s not unusual for bailiffs from all backgrounds to act in an unreasonable manner, even if you’re already on a debt repayment plan.

Because of Jacobs’ extensive client list though, and because they’re so closely aligned to more than 150 local authorities across the United Kingdom, it’s fair to say it’s more likely than not that, if a bailiff comes knocking on your door to collect a debt – especially concerning council tax – that it’s likely to be a representative from Jacobs.

What many people may not realise though – whether it’s Jacobs or another agency – is that they have rights, and the bailiffs are only allowed to enter a property to enforce a debt under certain agreements and conditions by law.

There are many cases in the media where Jacobs have been used by councils to collect debts where the recipient felt that the fines levied by their local authority weren’t fair.

One case in point is East Riding Council who contacted Jacobs to recover a £400 from a parking fine from nurse Rachel Carron in 2015. Rachel had stopped her car for six minutes to assist a fallen pensioner when she got a £75 ticket, which she believed had been settled and dropped after protesting according to the Mirror.

Two years later, Rachel told the publication Jacobs bailiffs had been “threatening and intimidating” after she got a £400 late fine notice, two years after the ticket was originally issued.

In 2016, Salford City Council used Jacobs to collect a council tax debt of £365 from Angela Barratt, even though she was on a payment plan. The enforcement company added £1,100 in charges to Angela, according to the Salford Star, which was eventually dropped.

If you’re worried about bailiffs knocking at your door, whether Jacobs or other enforcement agency or feel you’re being unduly harassed because of a council debt or other form of arrears, it’s worth knowing that you have rights.

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